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Ciao a tutti!

Italian4you offers a variety of language services and packages. Classes are private and could be customized for individuals or groups. Our classes are held in the Seattle metro area. We organize a full immersion class directly in Italy.

Italian Language & Culture

  • Italian — Italian language covers pronunciation, grammar structure, pronouns, verbs, articles, adjectives and so on with class exercises to give immediate results to the student.

  • Italian for Travelers — A combination of language and cultural information to prepare the traveler with some basic elements of language together with some useful insights. Tips & tricks about getting around. This is a 10 hours course.

  • Cultural Strategies (for the traveler in Italy) — A 3 hour workshop geared to create cross-cultural awareness between the Italian and USA culture. Do's and don't 's traveling in Italy and in Southern Europe in general. A must for does who are planning to travel in Italy or interested in understanding cultural diversity. Sign up now!